Happy Summer! The summer heat is definitely here to stay in Kansas City. Just like every other time of the year, it’s important to complete your homeowner checklist. So here we go, summer edition! Check out 10 most important items to check off your list this time of year: 

1. Check your smoke detectors! It’s really easy to forget about these guys, but they are crucial to keep updated. 

2. Inspect air conditioners. As a homeowner, it would be a great habit to get into to have your HVAC services once a year. This will prevent your AC going out in the middle of the summer heat. Nobody has time for that!

3. Check on the appliances. For instance, your washer and dryer work hard for you probably almost everyday. Give your dryer a break by hang drying some items during the summer heat.

4. Clean your outdoor cooker. There is no doubt that your outdoor cooker is going to be working extra hard during the summer months, make sure you give it some love during all that use.

5. Polish your porch! Kind of like cleaning hardwood floors but for outside.

6. Wash your windows. The ones you probably can’t reach are the ones that might need a cleaning. Set a side a weekend to wash those, or call someone out to help!

7. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch! Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down, and help the ground retain its moisture during the summer heat.

8. Be a leak detective. Check inside and out to make sure you have no leaky faucets or hoses. That can make your water bill go up very quickly. 

9. Primp your lawn with plants! Summer is a great time to add landscaping to your yard. Do some research and find out what will work best with your space.

10. Lastly, keep all that dirt at the door. One easy hack: 2 door mats instead of one. One on the outside, and one on the inside. Try it!

We hope this was helpful for those of you how like to do your homeowner due diligence. Let us know what other tasks you like to get done during the summer months! 




The Arbuckle Team